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  • Can I use the NAT Communication at the Internet Gateways?Internet Connectivity

    No, you can NOT use the NAT communication only at the Internet Gateways. If you would like to use the NAT communication, you are required to subscribe to Firewall menu then to configure the Firewall settings.

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  • IP address is not assigned on Windows Server Instance when I launch the Instance after the Instance has been stopped. Why does it occur and what should I do?ECL2.0, Virtual Server

    It might occur when customer reboot(including reboot by HA function) Windows Server Instance. (Displaying as “Duplicate”, and IP address might be 169.254.x.x of auto configuration address)

    This event might occur DAD(Duplicate Address Detection) function of Windows OS when DHCP of logical network is set OFF.
    (due to colliding between DAD function and position confirmation frame of logical network)

    If this event has occurred, you can resolve this by the following procedures.

    1. Configure the interface address on Windows OS again.
    2. Reboot Windows OS(Guest OS)

    And, the following 2 methods are the workaround for this event.

    *)The 1st method(Enable to DHCP function on logical network) is recommended rather than 
    the 2nd method( In case it needs to disable to DHCP function on logical network, 
    customer should configure static IP address and disable to DAD function on Windows OS.) 
    because the 2nd method is expected to only decrease possibility of this event 
    (i.e. this event might be occur even if execute the 2nd method).

    1. Enable to DHCP function on logical network

    (You can specify IP address even if DHCP on logical network is enabled. We recommend to enable to DHCP on logical network unless customer has any specific reason to use customer’s own DHCP server.)

    2. In case it needs to disable to DHCP function on logical network, customer should configure static IP address and disable to DAD function on Windows OS.

    (Reference) How to disable to DAD function on Windows OS

    1. Access to search box from Start menu, input "regedt32" on search box and execute enter.
    2. Click "HKEYLOCAL MACHINE" on Registry Editor
    3. Click System→CurrentControlSet→Services→TcpIp→Parameters
    4. Right-click Parameters, and click New→DWORD(32-bit)Value
    5. Delete "New Value #1", and input "ArpRetryCount"
    6. Double-click "ArpRetryCount", and input "0" on Value date

    (Note) Disabling DAD function will interfere with the operation of the failover cluster. In the environment using a failover cluster, please enable DHCP for Logical Network, delete the ArpRetryCount setting,

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  • How long does the manager store the logs?Host-based Security

    It stores the logs for 4 weeks.
    Therefore you can refer to the logs in security control panel for 4 weeks.
    If you require to store the logs, please export them in security control panel.

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  • Have the NTP Server been provided?Common Function Gateway

    Yes, Common Function Gateways have been provided the NTP Server. Before Customers get started with one, they are required to connect one to Common Function Gateways via the respective Resources.

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  • Can Root Volume be expanded?Oracle

    If using OS is Oracle Linux, root partition("/") of Root Volume is configured in LVM. Therefore customer can expand root partition by adding additional Data Volume.

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  • Is there any possibility that the support for the middleware or programming languages will end?PaaS

    ECL2.0 PaaS's policy about durations of the support follows Cloud Foundry Community. Basically, each language will be supported as long as support from the open source community continues. (The duration of the support is as long as Tomcat 6 is still supported as of May 2016)

    Although the support for the languages by Cloud Foundry might end after the support by the open source community ends, running applications will not suddenly stop. However, deploying them again will result in a failure to do so. If you prepare your own build pack, you can have your applications run permanently.

    Regardless of using ECL2.0 PaaS or Cloud Foundry, NTT Com recommends that you have your applications use the newest version of the middleware because middleware or languages whose support has ended will not be provided with security patches.

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  • Why is an error message shown, when I create or delete a Firewall?ECL2.0, Firewall (Brocade 5600 vRouter)

    Unfortunately, we are afraid to say that this is the reason why you have failed to create or delete a Firewall. When such an error message will be shown again at creation or deletion of a Firewall, you are required to completely retry the deletion of the relevant Firewall.

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  • Is there the auto-scale function?Virtual Server

    We have NOT provided the auto-scale function so far. However, you can be automated to add an Instance in the event of the high-loaded if you utilize to combine with Monitoring.

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  • What is the version and modules at HANA platform?SAP HANA

    Please confirm with Service Description of SAP HANA.

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  • Are there any access limits for the SSL-VPN on the Baremetal Sever?Baremetal Server

    Yes. You can NOT have the concurrent connection by utilizing one User ID. Baremetal Server provides one User ID per Tenant.

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