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  • How to set up routing for DC Inter-Connectivity ?DC Inter-Connectivity, ECL2.0

    Since the Inter DC network is provided as a wide-area L2 network, it is necessary to set static routes for both the logical network and the DC network.
    Since the Inter DC network is offered in the point-to-multipoint type, it is possible to connect from multiple regions to one DC-to-DC network.
    Please set up a static route in each region.


    Please refer to: Service Descriptions -- DC inter-connectivity,  "Static Routing Functions".

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  • Will you please tell me how to place an order for DC Inter-Connectivity subscription?DC Inter-Connectivity

    In terms of DC Inter-Connectivity subscriptions, Customers are required to proceed with two (2) separate processes for additional (or new) subscriptions each from DC Inter-Connectivity and from Inter-DC network. NTT Com Sales Personnel for the Customers should be able to receive their subscription request in writing (the Sales Personnel will submit the format to Customers and they are required to fill in the form). Currently, this particular process involves writing in a format to confirm each order but placing the subscription orders through Portal. Therefore, at each subscription request, Sales Personnel of the Customers will request them in persons to record the details such as the particular types of parameters they work with and other necessary details.


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