How to use yum?

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Official image template RedhatOS case
Repository is provided using Red Hat Update Infrastructure (RHUI). In order to use this RHUI, it is necessary to create a common function gateway on the tenant and connect it to the virtual server. Therefore, please refer to the following tutorial and check whether yum command can be executed.

3.9. Common Function Gateways
6.2.3. Add a Network Interface to the Instance

You also need to create an ifcfg file and restart it. As for the ifcfg file, it becomes the contents of the guest OS and it is excluded from the support. We have confirmed that it becomes possible to communicate with NTP server by setting by referring to [Configuring an Interface with Dynamic Network Settings Using ifcfg Files] below.

3.5. Configuring Ip Networking with ifcfg Files

· Official image template CentOS
By default, there is a repository under /etc/yum.repos.d/. In order to access this repository, it is necessary to subscribe Internet connection menu separately.

Conditions for Usage with Other Menus

  • ECL2.0
  • Baremetal Server
  • Virtual Server

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