I installed Host-based Security (HBS) in an ECL 1.0 VM but the computer information is not registered on the WebUI. What is the cause of this problem and how do I fix it?

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When installing host-based security (HBS) in an ECL1.0 VM(The number of registrations on the HBS WebUI does not match due to duplicate registrations), some computers may not be registered correctly. This problem may occur depending on the specifications and construction status of the VM being used in your environment.

【Events & Reports】 in the upper part of the HBS WebUI
⇒【System Events】 in the left pane.
⇒ In 【All Computers】, Please check if the event "Activated" is outputted.
However, if the name of the computer is different from the name of the computer that performed the activation process, this event may have occurred.

In this case, please take the following measures

From the HBS WebUI, click 【Administration】 in the upper row
⇒【System Settings】 in the left pane.
⇒【 Agents 】
⇒ 【Agent-Initiated Activation】
⇒Change "Re-enable the existing Computer" to "Active a new Computer with the same name".

After this setting, please confirm that the computer will be registered correctly on the VM that is not registered correctly on the HBS WebUI by following the steps of "Disconnecting from the management server" and "Activation code execution".
In addition, the Agent of the computer already registered on the HBS WebUI may not operate normally due to this event. In that case, please follow the steps of "Disconnecting from the management server" and "Activation code execution" in the same way.

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