We are planning to update the Linux OS kernel, but how can we check if the Linux version of the Agent supports it?

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Various DSA versions and kernel support packages are released after evaluation and review by us.
Therefore, it may be used later than the vendor's release.

To update the kernel, please visit the vendor site (*1) and the HBS WebUI screen
[Administration] > [Updates] > [Software] > [Local] and check the available kernels(*2) before updating.

[9.x/10.x/11.x/12.x] Supported Linux Kernels

Please export and unpack the latest publicly available kernel support package and check to see if the version of the kernel you want to use is included.
If you can confirm that it is included, you can continue working on it.
If it is not included, contact us via the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 ticket system.

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