How can I perform yum update on a server created from RHEL official image template?

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Please confirm the following 3 points.


Please confirm the connectivity from the virtual server to "".
"" is the IP of RHUI provided in the common function pool.
("" is the download destination of yum update in RedhatOS provided by NTT Com as an official template.)

Please check "/etc /hosts".
If there is no setting required for name resolution of the target repository server, it is necessary to add the setting.

The following settings are required in "/ etc / hosts" of the target VM. rhcds-sr-vip-(region).ecl.ntt.com.local

ex) If your region is DE1 rhcds-sr-vip-de1.ecl.ntt.com.local


Service Descriptions - OS - RHEL: Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Available Repository



Since April 2018, the repository server of yum has become new, and customers need to change the setting on the server's guest OS.

Please refer to the following for details.

News - Red Hat Enterprise Linux repository server for update packages is changed

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