Is it possible to bring the Oracle Database license into the ECL 2.0 environment and use it in a Virtual server or Baremetal server environment?

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About bringing in the Virtual server environment

In principle, you can not bring an Oracle Database license into the ECL 2.0 Virtual server environment.
However, there is a possibility that it is possible to bring in a product with a license system that does not depend on the physical server CPU.
Please contact Oracle's pre-purchase support (Oracle Digital) directly for license handling.

※ Since Oracle Programmer is a Named User Plus (NUP) with no minimum user restrictions, it may be possible to bring in it.
※ Even NUP can not be brought into the ECL 2.0 virtual server environment if there is a limitation on the minimum number of users depending on the physical CPU.

※ For information on Oracle Digital, please refer to the following.

About bringing in the Baremetal server environment

If you prepare a license for the CPU of the Baremetal server, it is possible to bring the Oracle Database license to ECL 2.0 Baremetal server environment.

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