I don't know the organization user name of "Managed v Platform Powered by VMware - vCloud Director Tenant Portal".

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- In JP4 region only

Only the Organization Administrator can confirm the organization's user name.
On the other hand, the organization user can't confirm it.
If you are the organization user and don't know (or forget) the organization's user name, please contact the Organization Administrator.

Below is how to confirm the organization's user name.

  1. Access to URL of vCloud Director tenant portal.
    vCloud Director Tenant Portal
    URL: I don't know the URL of "vCloud Director tenant portal" of "Managed v Platform Powered by VMware".
  2. The Organization Administrator needs to login to "vCloud Director tenant portal".
    vCloud Director tenant portal
    User: Organization Administrator's user name
    Password: Password of Organization Administrator
    Click "Login"
  3. Open the management menu in vCloud Director tenant portal
    a. Click "Hamburger menu"
    b. Click "Management"
  4. Confirm the organization user name in Management menu
    a. Click "access control"
    b. Click "user"
  • ECL2.0
  • Managed v Platform Powered by VMware

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