How to collect data, generate graphs and report for virtual server memory usage by using Monitoring menu?

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For virtual server memory usage (and others that are not included in the meters provided as standard in Monitoring menu), you can use Monitoring function (graph display, alert setting, etc.) by using Custom Meter.

There are two methods to use Custom Meter. You can choose either or both of them according to your environment.

1. Use a custom meter agent
(Note: Windows OS is not included in the target operating system)

2. Create and use a script (for collecting data and sending it to the monitoring server)
(Note: The script needs to be prepared by customers)

Please refer to the tutorial below for detailed procedure on each method.
Service Descriptions - Monitoring - Custom Meter
Tutorials - Monitoring - Use Custom Meter

  • ECL2.0
  • Monitoring
  • Virtual Server

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