Is it possible to use asymmetric communication (communication in which traffic go and return are separate routes)?

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In Enterprise Cloud 2.0, asymmetric communication may not be able to communicate.

Please design so that traffic going and returning are symmetric communication with the same route.

Target menu

· Virtual server

· Firewall

· Load balancer

· Network type security  


Asymmetric communication example 1

When multiple interfaces are used, partial communication may be asymmetric communication.

Please add individual static routes and design to be symmetric communication.


Asymmetric communication example 2

When VRRP redundancy is performed with multiple interfaces if the VRRP state (Master / Backup) is different Transit communication is asymmetric communication.

Make VRRP statuses consistent and design to be symmetric.

Please refer to the tutorial for detailed configuration example of firewall/load balancer.


Asymmetric communication example 3

If you use the DSR (Direct Server Return) function on the load balancer, the return communication will cause the load balancer Since it does not pass through, it becomes asymmetric communication.

Please do not use the DSR function and design it as target communication.

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