How to sync the configuration when VRRP redundancy?

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There is no way to sync configuration in relation to the VRRP function in NetScaler.
It is possible to synchronize with the following two methods.
- Submit the same configuration on the first and second on the GUI
- Copy the configuration via the CLI

a― In the GUI with the first and second Submitting the same configuration
(1) Log in to the copy source LB [NetScaler VPX portal GUI screen] and extract the settings you want to copy from
Configuration > System > Diagnostics > Running Configuration,

2) Log in to the copy destination LB [NetScaler VPX portal GUI screen] and paste it with
Configuration > System > Diagnostics > Command line interface.

*After pasting, NetScaler VPX Portal GUI screen: Save the Config by pressing the overwrite button on the upper right.

a― Copy the configuration via the CLI
* Since it is now possible to connect by SSH from VPX11.0-67.12, the CLI command can be used easily.

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