Please tell me the payout policy of the target IP address when creating volumes of Block Storage.

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In Block Storage, as a rule, two IP addresses are paid out each time one volume is created for redundancy.

If multiple Block Storage volumes are created, multiple volumes may use the same target IP address depending on the physical location of the volume at that point.

* Volumes created in the same zone/group do not necessarily use the same target IP address.

The target IP address is automatically determined at the time of volume creation and can not be specified by the customer.

Even when the created multiple volumes use the same target IP address, since the volumes are logically divided, there is no particular impact on IO performance, such as a decrease in network bandwidth to existing volumes.

Also, if the same target IP address is given, you can check which volume is used by checking the lun_id which is different for each volume on the details screen of the created volume.

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