Please tell me about past events that are assumed to be due to baremetal server firmware malfunction.

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The following is reported as a possible cause that the problem of the firmware affected the customer system.
Customers using the corresponding firmware version below should update the firmware.

For firmware update method / recommended update version, refer to the following tutorial.

Tutorial - How to update firmware of Baremetal Server


<Events assumed to be caused by firmware>

◆ Target firmware version

Target flavor: General Purpose 1 - 3 / Workload Optimized 1
Target firmware version: iLO firmware is 2.40 or 2.42, and system ROM is 2.20 or earlier version

◆ Events

When the Smart Storage battery fails, the baremetal server does not respond.
- Ping failure
- Console access via iLO unavailable


In addition, the following message is displayed in Integrated Management Log (IML).

POST Error: 312-HPE Smart Storage Battery 1 Failure - Communication with the battery failed. Its output may not be enabled. Action: Verify battery is properly installed. Refer to user guide. Contact HPE support if condition persists.

Smart Storage Battery failure (Battery 1). Action: 1. Consult server troubleshooting guide. 2 Gather AHS log and contact Support

Smart Storage Battery has exceeded the maximum amount of devices supported (Battery 1 service information: 0x07). Action: 1. Remove additional devices. 2. Consult server troubleshooting guide. 3. Gather AHS log and contact Support
  • ECL2.0
  • Baremetal Server

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