An error occurs when installing the backup agent. (Registration was failed. Please write correct IP in hosts file.)

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As a common cause, the following Hosts file settings may be incomplete.
Please refer the following documents.

Tutorial - Backup - Backup Server Requirements


Before installing an agent software into the backup target server, edit each server’s HOSTS file.
Each HOSTS file contains its hostname to generate an installer and an IP address to connect with Common Function Gateways so that a host name resolution becomes available via the backup target server.

Note: The hostname will be registered as a server name displayed for the backup service. For actual usage, we recommend you to use the same name as that of WCL2.0 server.
Note: If name other than localhost is configured as “” in /etc/hosts on Linux, customer need to delete or comment out this section. Otherwise, installation of agent software will be failed.
Note: The IP address described on HOSTS shall be an IP address that can correspond to Common Function Gateways.

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