How do I prepare the upgrade file for the Arcserve menu without an Internet connection?

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Internet connection is required to download the upgrade file. If you do not have Internet connection, please download the upgrade file according to the following method.

1. Enable connection to the Internet by changing settings such as FW.

Please make sure that the network to which the server to be upgraded is connected is temporarily ready for Internet connection by changing settings such as FW (*), and download the upgrade file.

2. Use an NW that can connect to the Internet, or create a new NW that can connect to the Internet.

Download the upgrade file on a server connected to the Internet-enabled NW, and place the upgrade file on the server to be upgraded by file sharing, etc.


(*)If you change settings such as FW, the connection information of Arcserve as the download source is as follows.

-Download source server name: downloads.arcserve.com
-Port number used for download: 443 (HTTPS)

If additional resources are added by the Internet connection or file sharing, additional costs will be incurred.

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