I cannot upload my Private Catalog Templates (OVA files). What should I do?

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The possibilities are the following:

  1. There may be some problems between your network and our OVF server.
    Please try uploading via alternate network environment.
  2. Your OVA files may not be satisfying the requirements upon making Private Catalog Templates (OVA files).
    Please see the requirements in the document below:
    -VM Image Import User Guide
  3. Your Storage for Private Catalogs may not have enough space.
    Every time you upload your Catalog Templates (OVA files), the files consume the Storage of your Customer Portal with the designated size (the size you specified on the Virtual Machine you used when making those OVA files).
    If your problem seems to be the lack of Storage capacity, please contact us. Also, please let us know the control number (starts with "AJ-") of the error message when contacting us.
[References] -Enterprise Cloud User's Guide
Memory resource
Using original templates

-VM Image Import User Guide

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