I cannot make Virtual Machine properly from Private Catalog Template.

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Please try one of the options below:

  1. When VMware Tools are not installed, or its version is outdated.
    Please install or update VMware Tools via [Install/Update VMware Guest Tools] in Customer Portal into Powered On Virtual Machine. Note: This will not complete VMware Tools installation. Please click on the links below for a detailed walk-through on installing VMware Tools.
    -Customer Portal User Guide
  2. When the check box is off for Enable Guest Customization.
    Please enable guest customization via [Set Guest Customization on Enabled] button in Customer Portal.
  3. When the Private Catalog Template (OVA files) does not fulfill requirements upon making OVA files.
    Please check the requirements upon making OVA files in the documents below.
    -VM Image Import User Guide
[References] -Enterprise Cloud User's Guide
Importing Virtual Machine images

-Customer Portal User Guide
Install or Update Operating System or VMware Tools

-VM Image Import User Guide

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