1.2.2. Plan Change ( Change )

This section explains how to Change of Managed WAF
This section can be applied to change the plan of created device.

  1. Click the “Order” button for the relevant menu to be subscribed.

    Click Order

  1. Once the “Order” screen appears, then choose Change after selecting a specific menu at “Menu” (Subscription Menu Type), as shown below:

    Select Order Type

  1. Specify the items necessary for your order.

    Order Screen



    Change Target

    Specify the device to be changed.


    Select a plan to be used within the plan list.


    • The device created as Managed WAF cannot be changed to other menu.

    • NOTE: You can NOT leave this section as a blank, input variables are required.

  1. Click “Submit”

    Click Send

  1. Confirmation dialog shows up, click “Save” when you order.
    In case of cancel, please click “Close” button.

    Order Confirm

  1. A Popup screen of “Now Processing” of your order will display.
    (NOTE: In this case, the Order screen will become the “”Modal”” (pop-up) screen.)

    Popup processing Modal window

  1. Once the order processing of your subscription has finished, the following message will display.
    The ‘Popup’ screen will automatically close and the ‘Order’ screen will also automatically reload.

    Completion Notice

  1. The Order Situation Notice will appear. After checking the details of it, mark to the “Order Status Check” box, then click “OK” as below:

    Check Completion


    • Make sure to mark the “Order Status Check” box, then close this window. Without a check mark to it, the same message will appear every time you move to the “Order” screen.

    • If an error message appears, please contact to us by issuing a ticket for assistance.