1.1.4. Creating a New Device (HA Configuration)

This section explains the procedure of Create Devices (HA) of Managed Firewall or Managed UTM.
These outline how to create a new device (HA Configuration).


As preparation to create new device, customer need to create two HA links.
Logical Network is used for HA Links(HA Link1 and HA Link2).
When creating logical networks, please make sure the followings:
  • Subnet mask need to be created /29.

  • Please do not connect other devices than this menu to the logical network of HA link.

Please refer to Logical Network tutorials for how to create logical network.

  1. Click on [Order] of the menu.

    Click Order

  1. Once the “Order” screen appears, select [Add(HA)] at [Application Assort].

    Order Type

  1. Specify the items necessary for your order.

    Order Screen




    As the default setting shows "High Availability", it is not necessary to enter.


    Select the menu to be create from among the menu list.


    Select a plan to be used from the list.

    Zone & Group

    Select the Zone and the Group, where you will create the device.

    HA Link 1 Network ID01

    Select network ID for HA Link1

    HA Link 1 Subnet ID01

    Select Subnet ID for HA Link1.

    HA Link 1 IP Address 01

    Input IP address to be connected for HA Link1.
    Enter ×××.×××.×××.××× as format.

    HA Link 2 Network ID02

    Select the network ID for HA link 2.

    HA Link 2 Subnet ID02

    Select the subnet mask ID for HA link 2.

    HA Link 2 IP Address 02

    Input IP address to be connected for HA Link2.
    Enter ×××.×××.×××.××× as format.


    • The items grayed out at No.2 are automatically filled in with the same value as those entered at No.1.

    • See here for zones and groups where devices can be created.

  1. Click [Send Data].

    Click Send

  1. Confirmation dialog appeared, click on [Save] to application.
    If you wish to quit order, click on [Close].

    Order Confirm

  1. A Popup screen of “Now Processing” of your order will display.
    (NOTE: In this case, the Order screen will become the “”Modal”” (pop-up) screen.)

    Popup processing Modal window

  1. Once the order processing of your subscription has finished, the following message will display.
    The ‘Popup’ screen will automatically close and the ‘Order’ screen will also automatically reload.

    Completion Notice

  1. The [Order Situation Notice] will appear. After checking the details of it, mark to the “Order Status Check” box, then click “OK”

    Check Completion


    • Please be sure to mark to the [Order Status Check] box. Otherwise, the same screen will be displayed at next time.

    • If error message appear, please inform us via Enterprise Cloud 2.0 ticket system.