1.1.10. Specification difference between Version 1 and Version 2ΒΆ

Major items

Medium items



Network management

UTM Port Management / Cluster Port Management
Expanding the range of MTU settings
v1: Setting range = 100 to 1500, default value = 1500
v2: Setting range = 100 to 9000, default value = 1500

Device Management - UTM

Security Profile-Antivirus / Web Filter / Scan Ports

Add default profile

Detailed description

  Firewall Policy

Items of C&C is moved from Anti Virus.


Service --Service Object

TCP / UDP session retention time can be changed.
v1: TCP = 3600 seconds, UDP = 180 seconds (fixed value)
v2: TCP = 300 to 86400 seconds, UDP = 1 to 21600 seconds, both default values are equivalent to v1.

Version2 setting method

  IPsec VPN
Added DH Group settings
v1: 14-21
v2: 14-21, 27-31

Fixed a problem that Version 1 does not support large size certificates.


Log management


Added [extended-log] item to UTM log

Detailed description