1.3.3. Changing Number of Your SubscriptionΒΆ

The procedure of quantity change of host type security ( Managed Anti-Virus / Managed Virtual Patch / Managed Host-based Security Package ) is explained.
Please perform the tasks in this section when you want to change the number of your subscriptions of the Host-Based Security service.

  1. Click "Order" in the application menu.

    Click Order

  1. The Order screen will be displayed, so select "Change Quantity" in "Order Type".

    Select Order Type

  1. Specify items required for your order.

    Order Screen



    Number of agents at maximum

    Enter the total number of your agents after the change.

    Email address

    Enter your contact email address by one-byte alphanumeric letter. (If there is any change on the email address shown on the screen, please update it.)


    • For the maximum number of agents, please enter the number in total. Don't enter the number of the agents intending to be added or deleted.
      (e.g.) If a customer, who is currently using 5 agents, want to add another agent newly, please enter 6.

  1. Click on "Send".

    Click Send

  1. A confirmation dialog will be displayed. Please click on "Save" to apply.
    Click "Close" to cancel.

    Order Confirm

  1. A pop-up screen will appear during order processing.
    (In that case, the Order screen will be a modal screen.)

    Being Processed Modal window

  1. When the processing of the submitted order is completed, the following message will be displayed.
    After that, the pop-up screen is automatically closed and the Order screen is reloaded.

    Completion Notice

  1. "Order status notification" is displayed. After confirming the contents, check "Order status check check" and click "OK".

    Check Completion


    • Please be sure to put a check in "order status check". If you close the dialog without inserting it, it will be displayed again when you transition to the Order screen next time.

    • If you receive an error message, please contact us at the | service | ticket system.