1.3.4. Terminating Your Subscription

This section explains how to terminate your subscription of the Host-Based Security services (Managed Anti-Virus, Managed Virtual Patch and Managed Host-based Security Package).
Please perform the tasks in this section before terminating all your subscriptions on the Host-Based Security services.


Click [ Security ] on the Tenant Control Panel.

Click Security


Click [ Order ] for the menu which you want to cancel.

Click Order


As the order screen will appear, choose 「解約」 at the Subscription Type.

Select Order Type


When filling in all the information required, click [ Send ].

Click Send


As the confirmation dialog appears, click [ Save ] to apply for. If you want to cancel, click [ Close ].

Order Confirm


A pop-up window that says your order is processing will be appear. (The order screen will become a modal one.)

Accept Order Modal window


  • From this point, the charge on your subscription is stopped.

  • No error will occur if you close the pop-up screen and order screen here.

Access to the order screen after your termination

For 2 weeks after you applied for the service termination, you cannot order a new subscription on the Host-Based Security services under the same tenant.
When you access the order screen after 2 weeks, the screen shows a notification about your order status.
Check the details of the notification, and mark the checkbox of the Order Status Confirmation and click [ OK ].
Then, you can make a new order.

Check Completion


  • Please surely mark the checkbox of the Check Order Status. If you close the dialog without marking, the same dialog will appear once again when you access the order screen next time.

  • In case any error message appears, please contact us via the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 ticket system.