INCIDENT REPORTS automatically analyze any malicious logs detected by devices as well as create detection reports.
INCIDENT REPORTS will be upload to INCIENT TICKET portlet.
You can receive notifications when Security Incident Report is uploaded via your registered email. Incident Report screen

Click the [Ticket Management] tab to display the INCIDENT REPORTS screen.
Press the button in the red frame to the left of the status to reload the latest ticket.
Summary Incident Report Screen function

On the INCIDENT REPORTS screen, you can view and download Incident Report.
Detail Screen





( Search & Filtering )

You can search and according to the ID (an Incident ID) and the incident status.


( Navigation )

At the Incident Report screen, the maximum 15 incidents will be able to display for each page. At the time that more than fifteen incidents, a maximum limit, have occurred, the navigation button will display.



Either [ Open ] or [ Closed ] will display as an incident status.

4 Subject

This describes the Subject Name



This is the incident ID number being automatically assigned.


Zoom Button

By clicking Zoom Buttons, you can display the further details on an incident.


Creation Date

Updated Time & Date on each incident will display. INCIDENT REPORTS Display

To view INCIDENT REPORTS, click the [ Zoom (viewing) ] button at the INCIDENT REPORTS detail screen.

The PDF file on INCIDENT REPORTS has been attached.
Please refer to [ Sample : |report| ], for further details on the Report.


You can not contact us from the following screen. Please contact us via issuing a Ticket of ECL2.0 Ticket System INCIDENT REPORTS Notification

As a result in Security Automatic Analysis, when INCIDENT REPORT is created and uploaded to INCIDENT TICKET , a notification email will be sent to your registered destination email address, automatically.
The notification email address has been set up upon [ Customer Profile ] screen.
Please refer to [ INCIDENT REPORTS Notifications settings ] , for more information.

Sample 1 : Notification Email

Subject [ Email Subject }

Attack Notification

From (Sender Email Address)


Body (Email Text)

Dear Customer,

This is NTT Communications Group Global Risk Operation Center (GROC).
We have detected suspicious behavior(s) in your network and new ticket has been issued with below ticket ID.

Ticket ID : [Ticket Number]

Also, incident report of the behavior(s) is available in the ticket; please login to customer portal for further detail.
NOTE: Email Body of notification email may be changed without any advance notice.


Important Notes : Notification Email

  • The sender address of notification email is [ no-reply@jp.ivs.wideanglentt.com ] . If you have set up the receiving and declining incoming emails by specifying certain email addresses and these domains, you need to verify the incoming email settings.

  • [ no-reply@jp.ivs.wideanglentt.com ] is dedicated just for a Source Email Address. NOTE: you can NOT reply to this source email address. Sample : INCIDENT REPORTS


Incident Report Texts




1 Customer

Customer Name

2 Device

Device Name

3 Signature

Threat name

4 Severity

Describes how seriously the incident impacts on your utilizing ECL2.0.

5 Confidence

Detection accuracy

6 Reference

This is an incident ID being automatically assigned.


Time & Date

This shows Time & Date of the latest threat logs being reported.

8 Description

Description on the Relevant Severity


Recommendations & Actions

Recommended individual actions for various threats.

10 Access Patterns

Drawing threat access status

11 Details

Threat detail information