2.4.26. Applying for Initial Tuning ReportΒΆ

The followings describe the application procedure for initial tuning reports of Managed WAF .
From the Customer Portal, click [Document] from the Customer Profile tab.

From the Document shown on the control panel, download a Initial Tuning Report Application Sheet.

Fill in the Initial Tuning Report Application Sheet. Application instructions in detail are provided in a file within the application sheet.

Submit the Initial Tuning Report Application Sheet with your contents by attaching to a ticket.


Data Center - Enterprise Cloud 2.0 NTT Communications Support - General Inquiry

Contents and description

Please write that you are applying an Initial Tuning Report.

Service menu

Network-based Security


Please select the urgency of this matter in comparison to other matters in the ticket.


Please attach the Initial Tuning Report prepared above.

Then, NTT Communications will proceed necessary steps.
We will inform you when your application is received and all procedures are completed. We also inform you via notification emails when there are any updates on the ticket.

Samples of the Initial Tuning Report can be downloaded from the following.

Initial Tuning Report Sample