2.4.24. Configuring real server with different port under the same IP addressΒΆ

By combining real server, HTTP service and HTTPS service which are not the same but under the same virtual server (VIP), each inspected and encrypted communication is passed over to the webserver.
For the detailed setting procedures, please refer to Adding Real Server and Adding Server Policy.

In the example below, real servers using port No. 80 and No. 443 under the same IP address are created.
As the both ports are under the same IP address, we recommend to identify them by Name.
real server

The first server policy consists of Real Server (Port 80), Virtual Server and HTTP Service (Port 80).
The second server policy consists of Real Server (Port 443), Virtual Server and HTTPS Service (Port 444).
server policy
Both of HTTP and HTTPS are enabled to be inspected and passed over to the web server by the WAF feature.