2.4.13. Firmware Version Upgrade function

You can upgrade the firmware of Managed WAF.
For a single configuration, execute from [WORKFLOWS] -> [Workflows] -> [UTM WAF Device Maintenance].
Versionup01 GetFirmwareStatus

You can check whether the WAF is a firmware version upgrade target.
On the device you want to run, select [GetFirmwareStatus] and click [Run Now].

GetFirmwareStatus is executed.

If the firmware version is not upgraded, [No next available version] will be displayed in the details column.

If the firmware version is to be upgraded, [Next available version] will be displayed in the details column.
If the Next available version can be upgraded further, the [Other available version] will be displayed.
Firmware Update function is a one-step version upgrade. Therefore, in order to upgrade to the version displayed in Other available versions, Firmware Update is required at least twice. Firmware Update

Execute the WAF firmware version upgrade.
1.Select [Firmware Update] on the device for which you want to upgrade the firmware, and click [Run Now].
2.You can check the progress from [Status]. When all the tasks turn [green], the task is completed normally. Please close with [Close]