2.4.10. Timezone settings

The contents here describe how to set a Timezone which will be recorded on the device logs.
New Timezone will be applied as soon as when it has been set, and the log time stamp recorded after this modification will have the new timezone.


  • Log time stamps which have been recorded prior to the timezone modification retain the old timezone.

  • Time displayed for the search results of device KPI graph, ticket updating date and log analysis main page is the timezone for security control panel but not for the device. Security control panel's timezone is unchangeable. Default timezone

As a default, Timezone is set to GMT (UTC).
Please change it as necessary. Modifying Timezone

  1. At the Timezone setting section, select the target time zone and click [ Edit ].
    Any deleting or copying is not available.

    Change Timezone

  1. Select a Timezone and click [ Save ].

    Save Timezone

    To specify JST, select "GMT+9:00".
    To specify UTC, select "GMT".

  1. Click [ Apply configuration ] to apply the settings to your device.