2.2.14. Firmware Version Upgrade function

You can upgrade the firmware of Managed Firewall/UTM.
For a single configuration, execute [WORKFLOWS] -> [Workflows] -> [UTM WAF Device Maintenance].
For HA configuration, execute [WORKFLOWS ] -> [Workflows] -> [Cluster Device Maintenance].

Versionup02 GetFirmwareStatus

You can check whether FW/UTM is the target of firmware version upgrade.
On the device you want to run, select [GetFirmwareStatus] and click [Run Now].

GetFirmwareStatus is executed.

If the firmware version is not upgraded, [No next available version] will be displayed in the details column.

If the firmware version is to be upgraded, [Next available version] will be displayed in the details column.
If the Next available version can be upgraded further, the Other available version will be displayed.
Firmware Update function is a one-step firmware version upgrade. Therefore, in order to upgrade to the version displayed in Other available versions, Firmware Update is required at least twice. Firmware Update

Execute the FW/UTM firmware version upgrade.
1.Select [Firmware Update] on the device for which you want to upgrade the firmware, and click [Run Now].
2.You can check the progress from [Status]. When all the tasks turn [green], the task is completed normally. Please close with [Close].