IPsec Routing

Set up a static route to the VPN tunnel created by IPsec Setting. Default Value : IPsec Routing

In default setting, any route for the user network is not set.
You need to set up Ipsec Routing depending on your own environment. Setting Items : IPsec Routing

The following items are necessary for the IPsec Routing.






This ID is automatically assigned.

Destination IP Address


Input a Destination IP Address with decimal notation.

Subnet Mask


Input the Destination Subnet mask with decimal notation.

Blackhole Routing

Enable or Disable

Select whether to enable or disable Black hole Routing (*).
Enable:Enable Black hole Routing
Disable:Disable Black hole Routing



When Black hole Routing is [Disable], select the tunnel interface for which you want to configure this routing. It is not displayed when Black hole Routing is [Enable].


(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Input the comments as necessary. You can not use the two-byte characters such as Japanese, within 225 words.


  • If there is a default route, packets may be routed to unexpected destinations when tunneling down. By setting Blackhole Routing it is possible to prevent packets from being misdirected out of the tunnel when tunnel is down. Prohibited IP address

The IP addresses below are not available for Interface, Routing, Address Objects, Destination NAT and Source NAT.
If these IP addresses are used, the operation may cause some error.
  • Adding IPsec Routing

1.Click IPsec Routing from the object screen on the left side of the screen.
Object ‣ IPsec VPN ‣ IPsec Routing

Click [Add] on the IPsec Routing screen on the right side of the screen.
Ipsec Routing Add

2.Click [ Save ] after you input the setting value.
For details of setting items, refer to IPsec Routing : Setting Items
Ipsec Routing Parameter

3.Apply configuration to the device by clicking [Save].
変更の保存 IPsec Routing Change (Edit / Duplicate / Remove)

1.Click IPsec Routing from the object screen on the left side of the screen.
Object ‣ IPsec VPN ‣ IPsec Routing

Select the target changed line at Routing screen of the right-side. Click an operation button you need.
Ipsec Routing Change

Following describes respective buttons of IPsec Routing .




Modify the value of Routing that has already been set.


After duplicating the existing Ipsec Routing , the object setting screen will open with the same value.
This is useful for you to define another Routing with the same value.


Delete the selected Routing .

When you deleting one , the confirmation message will display. Please click [OK] to finally execute its deletion.
Ipsec Setting Change

2.Click [Apply configuration] to apply the settings to the device.