Setting Items : Syslogd

Following describes the [ Syslogd ] setting items as below:





Either [ Enable ] or [ Disable ]

Here, select whether or not you select your Managed Syslog server.

  • [ Enable ]: Sets up your managed Syslog Server.

  • [ Disable ]: Sets up your Managed Syslog Server.

Once you added another settings, you can NOT remove the one. If you would like not to use this, select [ Disable ] here.


(with half-width numbers)

Input port number(UDP) of customer's syslog server that will receive syslog data.
You should input any parameters here, please do NOT leave this field blank.


(Facility Name)

You need to select the Facility Name to identify the log message upon your managed Syslog Server.

Server IP Address

Input an IP Address of your managed Syslog Server with decimal system.