Setting Items: Scan Ports Profile

Following explains Scan Ports Profile setting items as described below.





(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Enter the name of profile.
You can NOT utilize any two-byte characters, such as Japanese, and the following signs as below:
< > ( ) # ' " , and spaces (blank)


Either [ □ ] (unmarking to the checkbox) or [ ✔ ] (marking the checkbox)

Once you mark to a specific protocol checkbox, the policy will be valid (active).


(with half-width numbers)

Fill in the service port numbers to the relevant protocol.
By separating ports with a half-width space, you can specify multiple port numbers. You need to fill in anything in the space.


Select a maximum limit of file sizes for the target scanned file. The unit is [ MB ].
By default, [ 3 MB ] is set up.

(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Fill in your comment if you like.
Fill in your comment by using less than 225 letters. You can NOT utilize any two-bytes characters, such as Japanese.



We recommend that the maximum size limit of the target scanned file size is more than a default value, 3 MB, if any specific reason. This reason is why detecting the bigger file makes the load on a UTM function increase. Also, generally speaking, a file to deliver any malware tends to be smaller.