Web Filter Profile : Setting Items

Following are the setting items on Web Filter Profile.




Profile Name

(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Enter the name of profile.
You can NOT utilize any two-byte characters, such as Japanese, and the following signs as below:
< > ( ) # ' " , and spaces (blank)
Blocked Categories

Either [ □ ] (unmarking to the checkbox) or [ ✔ ] (marking the checkbox)

By marking to the respective [ Category ] checkbox, you can get valid to block the relevant URL included into that category.

URL Filter


Click Add to allow you to specify a URL Filter for this profile.
Once any URL has been designated at a URL Filtering, the detection for the relevant URL will stop without further examination on whether the URL is defined as Blocked Categories.

(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Fill in your comment if you like.
Fill in your comment by using less than 225 letters. You can NOT utilize any two-bytes characters, such as Japanese.


(Disable any Editing )

This is a website link to FortiGuard Center enabling you to verify the ratings on the Categories.
Please refer to " :doc:` 8020_web_filter_categories` " for Rating.

Following describes the additional Items when your marked to the URL Filter check box.






This ID is automatically assigned.


(Half-width alphabetic characters & half-width numbers)

Fill in the URL, you would like to add to your list.
Here you can not designate any Using IP Address.
[ http:// ] is not necessary when you input parameters. If you input [ http:// ] , it will be automatically removed.
You can not use any two-byte characters, such as Japanese, the following signs : < > ( ) # ‘ ” Any space (Blank)


[ Simple] or [ Wildcard ]

You need to select any type to evaluate any URL string.
Simple: Completely Matched
Wildcard:Enabling Wildcard usage.

Specify either { Block ] or { Exempt ] .

Select a specific action to the relevant URL.
Block : Block the specific URL(s).
Exempt : Not block any URL

Simple (Completely matching)
If you select [ Simple ] as a Type, only an [ Action ] which completely matches to the input URL. You can NOT use any wildcard.
For example, if you input [ example.com ] then a specific Action will be executed for all website pages which [ example.com ] has. Any actions to [ www.example.com ] or [ yourexample.com ] will not be executed.

If you would like to access a specific webpage and execute an [ Action ] by selecting [ simple ] then fill in the password and the file name.
For example, if you input the strings of [ example.com/sample/example.html ], only that file will be the targeted to a specific Action.

If you define the Type as [ wildcard ], you can show the relevant URL by utilizing the strings of [ * ](asterisk) or [ ? ](question mark) .

[ * ] means filling in zero or more than one voluntary word.
[ ? ] (question) means filling in at least one word of any.

Block a specified URL.

Exempt(Exempted Blocking)
This [ exempt ] does not block a specified URL. Even though any specified URL rating belongs to the list of Blocked Categories, that URL defined as [ exempt ] by the URL Filtering function finishes the relevant detection without any blocking.