Reflecting the Device Management Settings

Here we explain the various buttons, displayed under the [ Objects Management ] screen.
  • When you change the settings at Device Management, you need to apply the current setting change for the target managed device.

  • Using the [ Discard changes ] button, you can discard all the changes without clicking [ Apply configuration ] .

  • [ Synclonize with device ] will read in the setting information, which you have saved the setting information from the target managed device. As a result, all the changes without executing the [ Apply configuration ] will be discarded. Apply Configuration (Saving Changes)

[ Apply configuration ] enables the undated configuration to apply to the target maanged device.

When click on [ Apply configuration ] , the message will be displayed and the application processing will get started.
It takes a while , like for several ten seconds, to finish to apply configuration. Please wait a while until the message of "Processing" disappears then ["apply configuration"] button also disappears.

[ Update Error ] will be appeared at the screen as shown below, if you remove the using Object, for example the current Object is accessed by other Object.
[ Update Error ] will display the name of the Object, where any errors occurs. Please check to relation with other Object.
On the [ Update Error ] screen, you can restore an Object which you utilizing by clicking the [ OK ] button. Discard Changes

Using [ Discard Changes ] allows all modifications to get back the Object state before changing.

When click on [ Discard Changes ], "Are you sure to discard?" message will display.
If you click [ No ] at this dialog, this discard order will not be canceled.
If you click [ YES ] at the Discard changes message, the object will be reverted to the previous state right after last clicking "Apply configuration".

Please wait until the "Processing" message below is disappeared.
処理中2 Synchronize with device

[ Synchronize with device ] enables you to read in the past settings, configured from a managed device. Finally, any modifications will be discarded unless you do click "apply configuration".

Please wait until the message displays and moves back to the previous screen since It takes a while to finish to apply configuration.