2.2.16. Device KPI Device KPI screen

Describes the Device KPI screen.
Device KPI

Here we explain respective items as described below:
Device KPI ex





Time Scale

This is the period for displaying graph data.
You can choose from 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, and custom (period specified by the customer).
Device Name
(Device Selection)
The device name of the device displaying the graph data. Put your mouse pointer to see the device name.
Here you can select multiple devices to be displayed, if you have multiple ones.

KPI Name

This is a type of KPI data.


Graph data

Shows the graph data for the period specified on the timescale.

If the right edge of the graph is cut off, please widen the browser or download the graph and check. This section describes the types of graph data.



CPU Usage & Memory Usage

Displays a CPU usage and a memory usage on a security device.

Interface port[4-10]

Inbound ( In ) and outbound (Out ) traffics of the Device Interface will display, separately.

Session Count

Number of sessions obtained by UTM is shown. Changing a Graph Time Scale.

The display period (time scale) of each graph can be selected from 1 hour, 1 day, 1 week, 1 month, 1 year, and custom.
However, even though you changed a Time Scale, the data scale itself will not alter. For instance, if you specify [Hour], the one scale of horizontal axis at the graph will accordingly set up as [ Minute ] , whose data scale itself keeps the same data as every five minutes.
[Custom] allows you to freely specify the period.
You can change the [ Time Scale ] graph to past or future, such as [ Previous day (Before starting usage) ] or [ Next day ]. However, if any data has not been stored for a specific period, the relevant graph of that period won't display.
After selecting [Custom], specify the date and time for [Start] and [End]. Click the calendar icon to specify the date and time. Click [Specify Date>] to apply.
表示の期間カスタム Modifying a Displayed Graph.

You can hide the graph by clicking the [▼] of the KPI name.
デバイスKPI2 Download graph

You can download the displayed graph by clicking the down arrow button.