2.2.1. Basic SettingsΒΆ

By default neither the device access to nor its policy have been set up.  Before utilizing the Security function, you need to configure the required settings according to your environment.
Below is a procedure on how to set up the basic settings of Security.
  1. After setting up device interfaces, access to the Logical Network.
  2. Set up the Default Gateway of your device and the Static Route.
  3. Configure the address, NAT, service object to be used in the firewall policy.
    In HA Configuration, proxy ARP setting is required when NAT setting IP address in the same network as interface. Please refer to Configure Proxy ARP .
  4. How to Set up a Security Profile (When Using Managed UTM )
    Set the security profile to be used in the firewall policy.
  5. Set up the control rule for communications by combination with the Interface and the Object.
    In case of using Managed UTM , also configure firewall policies using security feature profiles.
For additional information on the individual setting procedure on respective items, please refer to each appropriate procedure for each of the settings.