2.1.10. Setting up a Time Zone

Following describes how to set up a Time Zone being recorded to device logs.
The time stamp, which has recorded just after your changing a Time Zone, will change to the newly changed time zone.


  • The log recorded before changing the time zone, the time stamp of that recorded log is not changed.

  • The [ Time Zone ] at the Security Control panel is also displayed at the following items: KPI graph; the time and date of Ticket Updating; the research result at the Log Analysis main page. Therefore, noted that the time zone at the device is NOT displayed at the above items. Timezone (Default)

By default,a Time Zone has already set up as GMT (UTC).
You need to modify the time zone settings, as needed. Time Zone Modification

  1. Click your selected one at Time Zone setting screen, then click the [ Edit ] button.
    NOTE: You can neitherp [ Remove ] nor [ Duplicate ].

    Change Timezone

  1. Select a specific time zone, then click [ Save ].

    Save Timezone

    Select [ GMT+9:00 ] as a time zone if you would like to specify [ JST ].
    Select [ GMT ] as a time zone for specifying [ UTC ].

  1. Apply configuration to the device by clicking [Save].

    Save Config