Device Management Detail Screen

The detail screen will open for each target managed device.

For Single Configuration
On the summary page, right-click the device name. Then, click [ Objects Management ] at the screen.

For HA Configuration
Always right-click a device having a lower CES number, and then click [ Device Management ] .


For HA Configuration, when right-click on a device to select [ HA Detailed View ] menu, the settings for Port 4 - 10 that were made at [ Cluster Port Management ] in the Network Management is shown. As the screen does not allow the user to modify the settings, move to the Network Management if any setting modification is needed. Device

When the device management will open the [ Device Management ] will verity a firewall policy to be set up.


  • When you will use the Managed Firewall, the device name strings will start from the letters of UTM.
  • The detail screen of Device Management is common between Single Configuration and HA Configuration; yet, the routing locations for them are different.
    - シングル構成の場合:デバイス管理
    - HA構成の場合 :ネットワーク管理

Select an object screen at the left-side screen and you will set up and verify one.

At the [ device management ] screen, you will display the security device name at the left screen.
セキュリティデバイス名 Object Screen

Fold the object screen, and click the red pane button.

You can change the width of the object screen by dragging the red pane.

The folded object screen showing with a red pane can be redisplayed.

The folded object screen will temporarily either redisplay or non-display by clicking the red pane of the one.

When the object displays temporarily, the setting screen will display overlapped on the setting screen.
再表示 The Setting Screen

Here describes how to operate with respective buttons when you set up.




Adds ( Create New ) an new Object.


Edits configuration of your selected Object.


The screen to add an object with the same value as your selected Object will be shown. You need to change the name of the current object. This function is useful for creating an object which has an similar value [ "to duplicate" ].


Remove (Delete) your selected object.

Color Label

Put a color label to your selected object.
Using a white button in the red-boxed allows you to remove the color label.

[ Move Up ]

You can move the selected Object upwards one by one.

[ Move Down ]

You can move the selected Object downwards one by one.




Search of an object is performed (display after filtering).
Immediately after input is started, narrowing down is begun.
Even after selection of an object, a character string in the Search field remains.
To restore object display, clear the Search field.
Max rows
Specify the maximum number of objects to be displayed. The default number of objects is 50.
Even after change of object selection, a numeric value in the Max rows field remains.
The numeric values shown for nn/nn line(s) indicate "number of currently displayed objects"/"number of all objects". [ Device Connect Network ]

You can view your network configuration details by clicking [ Objects Management ] of respective device name, whose first word begins from "OpenStack" as shown below:
This screen is only for viewing. You can NOT edit the network as well as the subnet at the above screen.