2.1.13. Overview : Operation Screen

Following describes an overview of the Operation screen. Top Page : Operation Screen

Here we describes a top page of the Operation screen.

Here we explain respective items as described below:





Device KPI

By using Device KPI, you can verify the resource status and the traffic amount for devices.



You can download documents.


Network Management

You can manage the Network Interfaces of your devices.


Device Management

You can manage functions of your devices.


Log Analytics

You can specify various conditions, as well as search for a specific log and download it.



You can view Security Incident Report .


Customer Profile

You can set up a notification destination of Security Incident Report .


Customer name and ID

Display Customer name and user ID assigned by system.

9 インフォメーションボード

This displays [ Important Notes ], if necessary. Viewing the Portlet Summary

The respective screen in respective function screen ( [Portlet] ) will be displayed as a summary.

Here we describe respective buttons upon the portlet.



Using a [ ▲ ] mark, you can fold a portlet, and close a summary.

Using a [ ▼ ] mark, you can restore a folded portlet, and redisplay the closed summary.

[ □ ] (no marking to the checkbox)

Open the portlet detail screen.

  • You have no detail screen at the document and information( bulletin) board.

  • By right-clicking on the device name, the detail screen on a device management will display. The Portlet Detail Screen

The portlet detail screen will display overlapped at the top page.
For closing the detail screen, click the [ × ] mark.
Portlet Detail Screen
Once the detail screen has been closed, you will get back to the top page.

At the detail screen, you could fold respective pages for every factor.
If you put the mouse-pointer on a factor title, the pointer will be changed into the fingertip mark, which enables the current displayed screen folding.

Here we show the detail screen on [ Log Analysis ] .
Put on the pointer at the [ advanced search form ]. Once you clicked this, the details in [ advanced search form ] will be folded to enable more query search results being displayed.
Log Search

Once you click the folded [ advacned search form ], [ advanced search form ] will be on display once again.
Log Search 2 Session Timeout

On the Operation screen, the current session will disconnect when a certain time has past after the current login.
Once the following notification screen is displayed, you need to click [ OK ] .
When you retry to log in it, you need to access from the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 portal.