Upgrading the Agent by Using Delivery Function

  1. When you upgrage the delivery function at the Operation sceen, select the relevant computer by clicking the “Computer” tab, ⇒ “Computer” pane. So the details screen will display as pictured below:

  1. Click the “Overview” pane at the left-side of the Computer information ⇒ Click the “Actions” tab ⇒ Click the “Upgrade Agent..” button as below:


  1. At the following displayed “Agent Software Upgrade” wizard, set up the current upgrade, and then click “OK” to activate it.


  1. アップグレードを実行すると、以下図のアラートが発令されます。このイベントは、本メニューでは提供できない機能(管理サーバーからのコマンド送信)によって発令されます。

If the event information tells “It fails to send this software upgrade program to the Agent,” just ignore this. Whereas if such a comment does NOT display, another issue may become an obstacle for upgrade. In this case, retry the upgrade by using an alternative tool like an installer.

Descriptions on Respective Items
  1. Common Information describes the summary of the relevant event. For notes, the time displayed here is a same as one notified to a DSM.

If the event occurrence time has displayed at Descriptions filed, we will use it.

  1. Description” explains the event details. Make sure to verify this contents described at “Description”.