Uninstalling the Agent Situations Necessary to Uninstall the Agent.



You do not need for the Agent anymore.

  • You will stop this Security (HBS) usage.

  • In any unknown-issue occurrance on the system just by installing the Agent.

In need for temporal Agent uninstall.

  • In need for the Agent reinstall, due to any incorrect behaivor of the Agent.

  • In need of an investigation, due to any unknown-issue occurrance in behaivors of either the Agent or the other programs, caused by program conflicts within the same device. How to Uninstall the Agent

Windows OS : Please move to the Windows OS “Control Panel” ⇒ “Add and Remove Programs“⇒ Remove “Trend Micro Deep Security Agent”.
Linux OS : Please execute the following command: [ # rpm -ev ds_agent ] Important Notes in uninstalling the Agent.

  • Uninstall the Agent by using the admin user account, who has the admininistrative right.

  • If you uninstall the Agent, the relevant computer will display as “Offline” at the Operation screen. If no need for this computer, please remove the one the Operation screen promptly. NOTE: Even an offline computer will be recognised as an billing target computer.) When Agent uninstallation fails

You need to uninstall the Agent by manual, if you still fail to uninstall one even though you followed the procedure.
For further details on how to uninstall the Agent by manual, please refer to the following URL released by Trend Micro, about twp types of manual-uninstallation ways : “Windows’ Deep Security Agent/ Relay/ Notifier” & “Linux’s Deep Security Agent/ Relay”.