Alert notification mail destination setting

There are two types of alert notification e-mail destinations: basic notification destinations and individual notifications. The Basic (main) Alert Destination

By following the blow procedure, please set up the Main Alert Destination.

  1. Click "Administration".
  2. Click "System Settings" from the Administration pane:
  3. Click Alerts from among System Setting tabs.
  4. Fill in the (main/ basic) alert destination.
  5. Click "Save" .
    basic Individual Norifiations

You can set up additional Alert Destination Address other than one you have already registered in The Basic (main) Alert Destination . .
You need to set up additional email destinations of the alert destination at "user property". You can get to user properties screen, moving from the same setting screen of the language and time zone as modified at Language ・ Time zone setting of Operation screen to the "Contact Information" tab.

  1. Click **Contact Information ** as below:

  1. Fill in a new email address of alert destination .
  2. Tick the "Receive Alert Emails" checkbox, as below:
  3. Click "Save" .

To add a new user, click the "Administration" tab ⇒ "User Management".