Upgrade using distribution function

  1. When upgrading with the distribution function on the Operation screen, select the target computer from the "Computer" tab "Computer" pane and display the details screen.

  1. Click the "Summary" pane ⇒ "Process" tab ⇒ "Upgrade Agent" of the displayed computer information.

  1. Configure and run the upgrade in the displayed wizard.

  1. When the upgrade is performed, the alert shown below is issued. This event is issued by the function that can not be provided by this menu (Send command from Management Server). If you can not send the software upgrade program to the Agent in the event information description, please ignore this event.
    If the upgrade fails due to another problem instead of this information, upgrade using the installer.

    ** Item Description **

    1. "General Information" shows a summary of this event. Note that the time displayed here is the time notified to the management server. For the event occurrence time, when the time is displayed in "Description", that time will be the occurrence time.

    2. The "Description" contains detailed information about the event. Be sure to check the contents described here.