Agent uninstall The situation where uninstallation is necessary



When Agent is no longer needed

  • To stop using this menu

  • When a problem occurs in the system due to the introduction of Agent

Temporary Agent
When temporary Agent uninstallation is required
  • When reinstallation is required due to Agent malfunction

  • When conflicting with other programs on the same terminal causes problems in the operation of Agent or other programs, and the investigation is performed Disconnecting from the management server

Disconnect the connection with the management server before uninstalling the agent.
Please refer to Disconnecting from the management server for how to disconnect from the management server. How to uninstall

  • For Windows-based operating systems, delete "Trend Micro Deep Security Agent" from "Control Panel" → "Add or Remove Programs" of the operating system.

  • For Linux-based operating systems, execute # rpm -ev ds_agent. Notes on uninstallation

  • Uninstall the Agent as a user with OS administrator privileges.

  • When you uninstall Agent, the host is displayed as offline on the Operation screen (it is not deleted automatically). If you do not need to manage the host, delete it from the Operation screen.


Please note that you will be charged only if you uninstall Agent. When changing the number of agents used, please change the quantity from the Order screen. If you can not uninstall

If you can not uninstall according to the procedure, you need to perform a manual uninstall. For details on manual uninstallation method, refer to Trend Micro support information:

Agent manual uninstall procedure

  • Manual Uninstallation Procedure for Deep Security Agent / Relay / Notifier for Windows

  • Manual uninstall procedure for Deep Security Agent / Relay for Linux