Deployment via proxy server

If you connect to the management server via a proxy server, you can not install using the procedure: ref: scriptdasinstall. Be sure to follow the steps in: ref: manualinstall. Agent installation and activation

  1. Install Agent according to the procedure: ref: installprogram ~: ref:` createcode`.

  1. Execute command to communicate with Agent via proxy.
    In Windows-based operating systems, use command prompt with administrator privileges. Please refer to the manual of each OS for how to start command prompt.
    On Linux-based operating systems, use the console with root privileges. Please refer to the manual of each OS for the method of starting the console.

  1. Change to the Agent installation directory.
    Windows OS: cd "C: \ Program Files \ Trend Micro \ Deep Security Agent"
    For Linux OS: cd / opt / ds_agent

  1. Execute the following command:

    dsa_control –x “dsm_proxy: //(proxy address): (port number)/”


  1. In an environment where a user / password is used for proxy authentication, register using dsa_control -U “user name: password”.


    Proxy authentication can only be used for basic authentication.

  1. Follow the: ref: runcode procedure for activation.

  1. After activation, communication with the management server takes place via a proxy server. Since various updates need to be set on the operation screen, perform the procedure in the next chapter. Proxy settings used for update

Proxy information settings

The proxy information configured in the: ref: installandactivation step is only the communication required by the Agent and the management server.
When using a proxy in this menu, proxy settings used in various updates need to be performed in the proxy settings on the operation screen.

  1. Make proxy settings on the "Administration" tab of the menu-> "System Settings" pane-> "Proxy" tab.

  1. Click "New" on "Proxy server" to display the menu. Click "New Proxy Server" from the display menu.

  1. Enter the information on the proxy setting screen and save it.

  1. The registered proxy is displayed in the proxy server list. Select the registered proxy from the list displayed in "Use proxy server".

Proxy use setting

If you use the Reputation function in an environment that uses a proxy, you need to set the proxy information.

  1. View the properties of the policy, click the Anti-Malware (or Web Reputation) pane in either of the ** a. B. ** methods and then click the "Smart Protection" tab.
  1. Click the "Anti-Malware" pane and click the "Smart Protection" tab.

  1. Click the "Web Reputation" pane and click the "Smart Protection" tab.

  1. Turn off "Inheritance" of "Smart Protection Server for Reputation Services".

  1. Next, check "Use proxy when accessing Global Smart Protection service" and select the proxy set in: ref: proxyinformation from the list.