Disconnecting from the management server

As a function of Agent, you can disconnect from the management server.
You can disconnect from the management server without uninstalling the Agent program.
● If you need to release the connection
-When the Agent connects to the Management Server but registration failed.
-When you want to stop (cancel) the function temporarily (or in the middle term)
-When connection to the management server is not successful due to OS recovery due to a failure or system recovery
-When uninstalling Agent


  • When disconnected, Agent's security protection function is stopped. Disconnection procedure with management server

  1. Please operate using the command prompt in Windows OS and the console in Linux OS.

  1. Execute the command described below.

    ● For Windows OS
    cd "C:¥Program Files¥Trend Micro¥Deep Security Agent"
    .¥dsa_control.cmd -r

    ● For LinuxOS
    cd /opt/ds_agent
    ./dsa_control -r

  1. If "HTTP Status: 200-OK" is displayed after executing the command, the operation is complete.
    The status of the computer on the operation screen is "offline". | offline |
    Please check the status update after 20 to 30 minutes.