About operation screen

Outline of Operation screen / Access to Operation screen / Language ・ Time zone setting of Operation screen Outline of Operation screen

You can switch the menu displayed on the menu tab from the dashboard. The names of the items displayed in each menu tab are as follows.

  1. Account name

  2. User name

  3. Menu tab

  4. Navigation pane

  5. Main screen

Operation Items Access to Operation screen

Access to the Operation screen is via the | service | portal.

  1. After selecting a workspace, click "Service Menu" on the dashboard screen of the portal, or on the Dashboard⇒Workspace List screen.
    ECL Portal

  1. From the service menu list, click on Cloud/Server => "Security", and then click on Managed Anti-Virus, Managed Virtual Patch, or Managed Host-based Security Package.

  1. Click "Operation" for Host-based Security.

  1. Close the Welcome screen.

  1. The dashboard of the Operation screen is displayed.
    Host-based Security Operation Language ・ Time zone setting of Operation screen

Language setting can be performed in the following order.

  1. Click on your account and select "User Properties" from the pull-down menu.
    account setting

  1. In the displayed account properties screen, select the language to use for display from "Language".

  1. From "Time Zone", select the time to be used for display on the Operation screen.

  1. Click [OK] to change the settings.

  1. Once the setting has been applied, it will be displayed in the time of the changed language and time zone.
    account setting


    Do not change your password in your account settings. You will not be able to single sign on from the Enterprise Cloud 2.0 portal.