System update

Managed Load Balancer may provide new versions for purposes such as product lifecycle management, application of security patches, and addition of functions.

When we start providing a new version, we will update your Managed Load Balancer. This is called a "system update".

How system updates work

Create a Managed Load Balancer instance with the new software version installed in advance. Switching Managed Load Balancer instances Switching instances using the switching method described in Switch Managed Load Balancer Instances to achieve system updates.


Effects of system updates

  • Then you excute system update, the connected session etc. will also be synchronized based on the specification described in Synchronization specification .

  • If there is a lot of information to be synchronized, it may not be possible to synchronize all the information. (In most cases, communication is not affected, although may be interrupted depending on the customer's system status.)

Operation of system update

System update period and notification method

  • When a system update is available, that will be posted in the "Notices" section.

  • Also, on the Managed Load Balancer list screen of the SDPF portal, it will be displayed as shown in the figure below.

For system update at the customer's desired timing

  • For a certain period of time (the period displayed on the Managed Load Balancer list screen) from the announcement of the new version, you can update the system at your own discretion.

  • Execute the system update according to the next chapter "How to operate the system update". It also can be achieved by API.

  • A certain period of time is about1 to 1.5 months. However, in cases where it is desirable to update the system urgently, this period may be shorter or no period may be set.

  • There is no reservation function for the execution date and time.

If the system update is not executed within the specified period.

  • If customer has not excuteed during the specified system update period, we will do it at the Maintenance window.

  • We do not specify the date and time of work by our company.

How to operate the system update

1. In the Managed Load Balancer list screen, click "Apply Managed Load Balancer Settings/Perform System Update" from the Actions pull-down of the Managed Load Balancer resource to apply the changes of settings.


2.The Managed Load Balancer Setting Change/System Update Execution screen will be displayed. Select the system update to be executed in "System update" and click "Apply Managed Load Balancer configuration changes/execute system update".


  • Applying of the setting change will be completed in about 15 minutes.