6.2.1. Virtual Server Actions

In the Instance Control Panel, you can choose a number of actions to perform on an Instance from the ‘Action’ drop-down menu.


Create a backup Image of the Virtual Server. For more information, please refer to the Create a Snapshot of the Instance .

Edit Instance

Edit & modify the Virtual Server name and its Metadata.


Access the Virtual Server via a Console.  This allows you to access the Instance if you can’t under normal circumstances from an external network.

Resize an Instance

Modify the Flavor (CPU/RAM) assigned to the Virtual Server.  When modifying it, you are required to stop / shut off the Virtual Server.  For more information, please refer to section please refer to Modify the Instance Flavor (“Resize Instance”) (this is one of operations in “Resize Instance”).

Shut Off an Instance

Shut off / Stop the Virtual Server.  This is a required action prior to resizing your Instance. For further details, please refer to section Shut Off an Instance .

Attach an Interface

Add a Logical Network to the Instance.  For further details, please refer to section Add a Network Insterface to the Instance .

Detach an Interface

Detach a Logical Network from the Instance.

Terminate an Instance

Terminate the Virtual Server.  After terminating the Virtual Server it can not be restored.  For further details, please refer to section Terminate an Instance .