6.2.5. Activate your OS License

If you created a Virtual Server using the Official Image Template, you are required to activate the OS license using the license server provided by Service Provider.
For activating the OS license, you are also required to access to the license server, which Service Provider has provided.
Here shows the procedure on how you activate your licences.


NOTE: If the license has not been activated prior to using the Official Image Template, then upon activation, a billing charge will occur.

If you use the license server, you are required to create a Common Gateway Function in advance. For information on how to create one please refer to section Common Function Gateways .


End of support for current repository server (current server) will be scheduled. After that it is impossible to execute yum update not only operating server but also new creating server from template in private catalog or image storage. So customer need to change OS settings before end of support. Server reboot is not necessary for this settings.
Please refer to: doc:../../Dedicated-Hypervisor/GuestImage/RHUI/index and make the change. Connect to Common Function Gateways

Attach the Instance to a Common Function Gateway, which was created in section Common Function Gateways . Confirm the Instance is already attached to a Network Interface according to the previous section Add a Network Insterface to the Instance .


If you’re Instance is already attached to a Common Function Gateway as performed in section Connect to the NTP Server , then you skip this. Just make sure you are able to access the KMS Server as described below.

After Network Interfaces have been attached, confirm accessibility to the license server.  From Common Function Gateway Details you can check the IP Address (“Link Local IP Address” pictured below) for the KMS license server.
共通機能ゲートウェイ Verify the Connectivity to the Lisence Server

Make sure the reachability of the following ping from the Instance to the license server, which the IP Address is appeared on the screen as above.

ping <Lincense Server IPaddress>


License activation automatically try to get activated to the KMS Server. Therefore, you are not required to do any operations on license activation.