6.2.8. Upload a Volume to an Image

In order to create Volume backups, the Volume needs to be uploaded to Image Storage as an Image.
Furthermore, you can make a copy of an Instance or a Volume, by creating Volumes from your uploaded Images.


If you chose either “Boot from Image” or “Boot From Snapshot” when creating the Instance, you can NOT image the space that includes your OS boot image. Please refer to section Create a Snapshot of the Instance .

You must detach the Volume from the running Instance when uploading the Volume to the Instance.


If you chose “Boot from volume” when creating the Instance, you are required to delete the Instance prior to uploading it to Image Storage.  Be aware, a Volume cannot be detached from a running Instance unless you delete the Instance.

Following shows how to upload a Data Volume running a CentOS Image. Shut Off an Instance

Please refer to the preceding section Shut Off an Instance . Detach a Volume

After verifying the Instance is shut off, detach the Volume To see a list of already created volumes, click “Virtual Server” then “Volume”.
Select the Volume attached to “CentOS_Tutorial”, and click “Detach Volume” shown below:
ボリュームの切断 Upload Volume to Image

Confirm the Volume is detached from the Instance, On the Volumes screen choose “Upload to Image” from the Actions drop-down to the right of the volume to be used.


Once uploaded, the Image you’ve created will be added to “Private Image Template / ISO” in “Image Storage”.


Uploaded Image files may be downloaded from “Image Storage”